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Considering the research carried through with the terceirizados professionals, one of the formulated questions is if the terceirizado one receives feedback from the managers of the company-contractor, was verified that 70% of the interviewed ones do not receive feedback. Figure 4: Feedback of the performance. As It hisses (2010), a preoccupying question in the question of the motivation of the terceirizados professionals, is the lack of feedback. In the companies it is an extremely useful tool in the conduction of the relations human beings and is important for the maintenance of a good organizacional climate. These actions can bring desmotivao of the terceirizados ones and consequently to diminish quality of the given services. When asked to the managers if with the terceirizao of the area of human resources, the company obtained to reduce the cost, was selected that only 25% of the interviewed managers, agree that had reduction of costs and the others 75% of the interviewed ones agree that with the terceirizao the costs had increased. Figure 5: Reduction of Costs with Terceirizao.

In accordance with Marras (2010), some contracts of terceirizao, for the results that present, is compensating to repass the execution of definitive works. On the other hand, it is preferable to assume a bigger cost when carrying through them with staff of the proper company, in view of the quality level that if it demands of the final results and that in determined cases they are not reached with the contracted companies. When terceirizar the companies soon think about the cost reduction and to repass to the contracted company the not essential activities. To the carried through research the managers agree that with the terceirizao of the area of human resources the contracting company did not reduce costs and the professionals do not give quality services. This occurs due to lack of motivation and differentiated treatment many times discriminatory.


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